Charleyville Radio

Radio Submission Process


We want to hear your new music on Turntable Radio.  For an opportunity to be selected for our on -air library, we have a few small written steps to getting you files to us and possibly on the radio.

*All Music Files Should be in mp3 format and 320kbps.

*Files Should be tagged with a minimum of Song title, Album title and Album artist and files should be tagged with the album art cover.

*Send Music either directly to the email given or via a file-sharing link.

*Please send the entire LP if available.

TALENT AGENTS, MANAGERS, PROMOTERS and RECORD LABELS feel free to make submissions as well, and if you have a new release radio distributions list, please add us to it at: [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee airtime for your submission, still we try to respond to all emails.  Please listen to our station for your song, and watch social media tags as we will share setlists with tagged artist names on them.