About Charleyville



When Charlotte “Charley” Nooe passed away in 2012 the world lost a beautiful light.  Her father Dave Nooe and stepmom Jenny Anne along with some of her friends and band mates formed Charleyville, also known as The Charlotte Nooe Foundation for Musicians and Writers that very same year to keep Charley’s spirit alive and growing.

Charleyville is a registered 501c charity that addresses the educational, institutional and material needs of both musicians and writers.  By providing benefits in the form of instruction, instruments and intellect Charleyville assists and supplements ongoing community efforts pertaining to both musicianship and literacy.

In laymen’s terms Charleyville provides lessons, instruments and scholarships for children and young adults who could not otherwise afford these resources. Unsigned bands and musicians who need a platform for further development can contact Charleyville for assistance,  This assistance will be in the forms of performance venues, recording studio time, and rehearsal space.  Future projects may include but not be limited to rock camps, festivals and radio play.

Charlotte Nooe is a name and spirit that will constantly remind us of the value associated with both life’s lyrics and melodies.



                                           Founder Dave Nooe                                    Co-Founder Jenny Anne



Contact us:

info@charleyville.org or support@charleyville.org

PO Box 1771
Madison, TN 37115