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Charlotte lives!

It would be insufficient to say Charlotte A. Nooe reached, impacted, got to, spoke to, touched or registered with her legion of family, friends and fans. No, Charlotte Nooe resonated with them. She filled her words, music and lyrics with a passion for life and a lust for knowledge that didn’t just rub off on you, it infected you. Spread through every open eye, ear and mind. Incurable.

Nooe was most recognized musically as a member of the Rockin’ Bones (her father Dave Nooe’s band) and Charley and the Cynics. The Cynics, in particular, gave Nooe a platform for some of the smartest, most original music to come out of Wisconsin’s Fox Valley in a long time. Her heartfelt lyrics were a perfect combination of book smart and street smart that’s so rare in music today. In Oshkosh,WI the Cynics became a must-see band for their fiery live performances and unique sound. They could tear it up and blow you away with songs that made your jaw drop. Charlotte Nooe was a musician’s musician, and could hang with the best, on bass or guitar, male or female. She was not just a “chick singer” in any way, shape, or form.

The world lost Charlotte too soon. Many might make the case her death at the age of 22 is the very definition of the word “unfair.” Her perfect fusion of intelligence, emotion, empathy, insight, audacity and humility has long been in short supply in the world, moreso now. She didn’t just share her talents, she shared herself earnestly via printed word, spoken word and belted lyric. She enriched the world.

In doing so, Charlotte encouraged and inspired artists of every stripe to reach for the same stars. She may be gone, but she will never be lost. The musicians, writers, painters, poets, singers, philosophers, comics, and songwriters she inspired in her life will see to that. Anyone she resonated with can’t help but see to that. As will The Charleyville Foundation as it supports and encourages generations to come to make the world a brighter, better place through words and song.

As astra per aspera.

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  1. A wonderful way for Charlotte to continue influencing the scene she was so involved in. I will forever miss her smile.


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