2nd Annual Charleyville Concert Event

Exciting semi-silent auctions will occur on both evenings!

@The Blue Bar

The Blue Bar is located at 1911 Broadway in Nashville 37203. 615.327-8001 www.charleyville.org

Thursday, June 20th

The Traveling Suitcase, Daphne Culver, Run For the Roses, Neo Tundra Cowboy, Stephanie’s Stolen Wheel, Bron Sage and The Rockin’ Bones.

Friday, June 21st

Ja Pat Pickers, Stephanie’s Stolen Wheel, The Traveling Suitcase, FATGNAT, The Rockin’ Bones, Bron Sage and The Granny Whites.

Saturday, June 22nd

There will be a appreciation party at the Nooe Hill in Madison. Open Mic, food, party and fun will begin around 1:00 in the afternoon. Bring your blankets chairs and instruments!!
Call 615-243-9649 to play Saturday at the Nooe Hill.

This event is produced by THE CHARLOTTE NOOE FOUNDATION – Charitable Foundation for Musicians & Writers

We are always looking for bands, writers and solo artists to perform at future Charleyville events! Call 615-243-9646 with any donations or auction items. We can also be reached at danooe@gmail.com.


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